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How to Flash firmware via usb et9x00

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1) Download the latest image zip file in the Software menu on this website.


2) Unzip the downloaded file then 'Model name' folder will be appeared. (ex: et10000)


3) Copy that folder into the USB Medium



Insert USB medium into either USB sockets on the front or rear panel.


Power Off and Power On through the powerswitch at the rear panel of the box.



After Power On, Xtrend model will detect if there is his Image available on the USB medium.


On the frontpanel display will been shown if there is Image found.


To load the his Image you'll need to press the "OK" button which you can find on the frontpanel behind the clep on the right side. (OK button is the third button counting from right to left)



Xtrend model gets into state of upgrading.



The Image will be load and on the frontpanel display you can see the process.



Please be patient because it will take couple of minutes to finish upgrade.


The box will startup automatically after the upgrade is finished.





During upgrading, please don't unplug power or shut down STB.


Don’t power off within 5 seconds after upgrade is completed.



-Important Note-


Don’t upgrade the Bootloader and Image at the same time.


Make sure that in the USB stick only needed files for either Bootloader or Image should be contained while processing for either Bootloader upgrade or Image upgrade.





[force or unforce firmware upgrade]



The name force or unforce explains allready a bit what is does.


With every new image release there is a file add with the name unforce.



Exactly the file unforce does nothing but if you rename it to force then the firmware upgrade will force upgrading.


This means when by startup the box finds on a USB medium (like USB memory stick) firmware it will load the firmware without asking for any confirmation.


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